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Proper Care Guidelines for Grease Traps

The grease trap is an important device in the plumbing system, particularly in the food production industry. Basically, this product is designed to intercept the movement of grease compounds from the kitchen environment. This prevents the entry of the oils and fats into the wastewater drainage channels. The trapping process is important because fatty materials are hard to decompose. If they are released into a treatment facility such as a septic tank, they will overwhelm the system. Read More 

Apartment Managers: Essential Fire Safety Tips to Protect Your Property and Your Tenants

If you are an apartment manager or the owner of an apartment building, you need to take steps to ensure your building and your tenants are as safe as possible from fire. This job includes educating your tenants about fire risks, buying the right fire equipment and making sure everything is in working order. Here's what you should do: 1. Do a fire safety walk through with new tenants When new tenants move into the building, do a fire safety walk through with them. Read More 

Three Ways to Improve Septic System Performance

The septic system is an expedient onsite domestic treatment plant for wastewater and sewage. It is suitable for installation in residential properties which do not have a direct connection to the main local sewage networks. Basically, this treatment structure biological agents such as bacteria to break down and also mineralise the waste. The resulting effluent is released into disposal structures such as peat moss beds, drain fields and fibre filter plants. Read More 

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Environmental Energy Creation

Hi, my name is Bobby. I have created this blog to combine my two passions — energy generation and environmental protection. Since I was just a boy, I have always had a fascination for energy, and I would often spend hours looking at a light bulb and wondering how it worked. I also used to love going outside and playing in the woods and rivers around my childhood home. I was shocked when I discovered that to get the power needed to light a light bulb we had to damage the environment. Since then I have become an advocate for cleaner forms of energy creation. I decided to spread the word by creating this blog.



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